Marloes Vredenborg
PhD candidate | Utrecht University | Dutch Railways | Human-Centred Computing Group     

Research Interests

Personalization | Human-Centred approach | Context-aware Adaptation | Recommender Systems |  Cognitive and Social Psychology

About me

PhD candidate in the Human-Centered Computing group at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University. My PhD is in collaboration with the Dutch Railways (NS). 

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Information Science and a Master's Degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Utrecht University. My interests lie in the complexity of human behavior and cognition, and its impact on the interaction between humans and technology. With the growing importance of AI in our lives, I aim to understand and improve interactions with AI applications, particularly in public or high-stake domains.

Currently, my PhD research focuses on developing context-aware passenger information systems.  I strongly emphasize a traveler-centred approach, and to understand the needs of public transport travellers, I make use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Apart from my research, I have a keen interest in organization and am involved in various activities. I was a co-organizer of the Context Representation in User Modeling Workshop (CRUM) and the CHI community day in 2024. Currently, I am a board member of the Interaction Division at our Department and chair of the HCC PhD social committee.